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About Doctor Baraliya

Dr. Baraliya’s (aka Dr B) love of pets started at a very young age when he knew he wanted to become a veterinarian. He grew up in a pet loving family; he and his brother always shared the responsibility of being pet owners. In1996 he graduated with his veterinary degree and soon there after came to Canada where he has been helping to heal his furry friends ever since. For several years he worked in Richmond Hill and surrounding Toronto areas before opening the doors of Eagles Landing Animal Hospital in 2010.

Having pets of his own allows him to understand how easily a pet becomes a special member of the family. He also recognizes that you need a veterinarian who will listen, and someone you can trust when making important medical decisions. He honors the Veterinarian’s Oath and treats each patient with kindness and compassion. His favorite part of the job is being an advocate for the creatures that cannot speak for themselves.

Dr. B has a special interest in preventive medicine, pain relief management, and surgery. He believes that awareness and prevention are the first steps to ensuring a long and happy life for his patients. He also feels that since pets are often unable to tell us when it hurts, it is his role to ensure he can provide as much comfort as possible. Pain control is tailored to each surgical patient and Dr. B is only one of a select few veterinarians in the area who performs laser surgery.

When not at the hospital he keeps current with the latest information in the field of veterinary medicine and regularly attends continuing education courses. He also treasures the opportunity to spend time with his family, and enjoys watching soccer, cricket, and hockey.